Reaching Corby with God's love

St John’s New Curate

Dear Friends561348

Fiona and I are really looking forward to moving to Corby and getting involved in the church and community. We got married in September and are enjoying getting used to married life during our final few months in Oxford. I’m now in my final year of vicar training at Wycliffe Hall. But before that, I lived in Kings Heath in Northampton, and even had some interesting experiences playing rugby at Stewart and Lloyds – so I’m not altogether unfamiliar with Corby! Sport has been a big part of my life, and although injury stopped me from playing rugby I have recently started playing football again.

Fiona has worked as a researcher for several years, looking into children’s reading and language development. Her job is just about to come to an end, and she’s hoping to get stuck in with helping at St. John’s when we move to Corby. Fiona enjoys making and eating cakes, and spending time with people!

When visiting Corby in the summer we noticed some boards opposite the Cube giving a history of the town, and one of the stories had the headline, ‘I didn’t choose Corby but Corby chose me.’ In a sense, this is how we feel too and we are excited about the opportunity to come and get involved in all that God is doing in Corby.

Andrew and Fiona Silley

Note: Andrew and Fiona will be moving to Corby in the Summer when Andrew will be ordained deacon and begin his curacy with us at St John’s. The diocese has bought a property on the Exeter Estate which will provide a focus for their ministry. Please pray for them both as Andrew finishes his studies and as they prepare to move to Corby.