Reaching Corby with God's love

Good News

Dear Friends

From the moment the women discovered that the tomb was empty, the world has never been the same. The fact that Jesus was raised from the dead, never to die again, sets him apart from every other person who has set foot on this planet. Along with the crucifixion, the resurrection form the heart of the good news of Jesus good-news1Christ. If you’re not convinced about the resurrection of Jesus or you don’t see why we make such a big deal of it, please give me a ring or send me an email and I’ll make it an absolute priority to meet up and talk.

But what if you are convinced? If you personally know the good news of the resurrection of Jesus, then it must be something that you share with others. If the resurrection is true, it is news that we are compelled to share because it gives hope for all eternity.

Jesus’ resurrection has paved the way for our resurrection . This is why, despite the sadness of a funeral, there is hope. Those who belong to Christ have, in the words of the Committal, the “sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.”

This past week we have heard of the horrifying slaughter of 148 young people in Garissa University, Kenya—the majority of whom were Christians. The Archbishop of Kenya, Eliud Wabukala talked about the wrenching anguish of the families and the deep sadness of the nation. Despite the heartbreak and horror, Archbishop Eliud gently affirmed: “The stone rolled away and the empty tomb of Jesus assures us that death does not have the last word.” The resurrection provides hope even in the bleakest of situations. Let’s be convinced and let’s share this good news to all we know.

Every blessing this Easter,