Reaching Corby with God's love

Church Away Day 2015

Dear Friends

The winning combination of homely facilities, sunny weather and great company made our 2015 Church Away Day in Weldon a real success. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also the opportunity to meet Andrew and Fiona Silley and a much welcomed trip to the local pub to sample some locally brewed beer!

Carey Day AwayHowever, as a church family we also discussed some important issues regarding our growth as a congregation. For too long churches have been preoccupied with ‘maintenance’ (looking inwards and keeping what they have) rather than ‘mission’ (looking outward and seeking to grow). But what are the keys to continued growth at St John’s?

Firstly PRAYER—as a church we need to broaden and deepen our prayer life making sure that we are dependent on God and fully rely on his strength.

Secondly PRESENCE—ensuring that as a church and as individuals we’re fully involved in our parish community. Our presence is not just about our building but rather the relationships we build.

Thirdly PROCLAMATION—our calling as a church is to proclaim Jesus Christ to all in our parish and town. The vast majority of people are not introduced to the Christian faith through ‘professional’ clergy, so it is essential that we all talk to others about Jesus and share our love for him.

Those who attended the day worked hard in evaluating how we’re doing in these three areas, and then provided many ideas to ensure that by prayer, presence and proclamation, St John’s will continue to grow to the glory of God.

Every blessing