Reaching Corby with God's love

St John’s and Young People

Dear Friends

Jesus plays for Chelsea. According to a survey conducted which asked one thousand children a multiple choice question on the identity of Jesus, 20% thought that Jesus Christ is a footballer for Chelsea FC. After this season I rather wish he did in fact sign for Liverpool.

Seriously, surveys such as these make it clear that many young people simply do not know the basic truths of the Christian faith. It is simply not true that young people have reKidsjected the good news of Jesus Christ but rather they haven’t heard it in the first place. For the vast majority who do have some knowledge of Christianity it is often wrong—’Christianity is all about rules and trying to be good’Kids

The reality that God loves you so much that he was willing to send his Son, Jesus Christ, to restore our relationship with him, is lost in translation.

We thank God for every single child who comes along to St John’s but there is still so much to do. As a church I’m convinced that not only do we need to grow, but we need to grow younger. In fact, the two go hand in hand—research conducted by the Church of England provides clear evidence showing that growing churches actively engage children and young people.

As a church we have made great progress in establishing our Kids Church and Youth Church, but this is just the beginning. A few questions to ask yourself: Am I praying for the children at St John’s? Do I know any young families who I can invite to church? How can I serve young people? We all have a part to play in helping our church grow younger to ensure that children in our parish know exactly who Jesus is and why he is such good news.

Every blessing