Reaching Corby with God's love

Children and Young People

Sunday Morning Activities

Crèche for Pre-Schoolers

Within church we have a pre-school crèche area for little ones to enjoy during the 11am service.  This includes a set activity each week, a play tent and treasure baskets which encourage the children to learn through play.  Parents/guardians can sit nearby or join in with the fun.

Groups for Children and Young People

During the 11am service children of school age split off into two groups: Sparks and Blaze and go out into the church hall under the supervision of our children’s work leaders. They return before the end of the service.

In our children’s and youth work at St John’s we teach on the same topic as that of the preacher in church. This is so that families can discuss the wider themes that come up and so that as a church family we can be thinking and praying through the Bible in a unified way. The leaders also pray each week for all of the children who attend St John’s.


Children who are in Reception to Year 5 are part of our Sparks group. Sparks learn about the Bible and God’s great love for them in a way they can understand. This might be with play-doh, paints, crafts, puppets, dance and music and many other fun activities. Children are encouraged to ask questions and think about how Bible teachings might change the things they say and do.


Young people who are in Year 6 at school all the way up to 18 years of age can join Blaze. They will also learn about the topic being taught in church, though in a more in-depth way compared to Sparks. They will often read the Bible passage themselves and discuss the issues or ideas that it raises.  There will usually be crafts, games and discussion about how we put what we have learned into practice. Also, Blaze lead an All Age Service every other month and can be involved in the worship music if that is something they enjoy.

Time and Space: After School Club at Corby Old Village School

Time and Space is a prayer club that is free for all ages.  Each week we take a topic that might be in the news or that is relevant to the children in some ways and explore how prayer can make a difference.  This is done by encouraging the children to think about how their weeks have been and how we can pray for them; and through craft, singing, dancing, and quiet times of reflection. It is a very popular club that has helped the children to strengthen friendships and develop a sense of how precious each of them is.


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